Fika's Story


Fika Bristol


Fika Bristol was started in 2011 by four Swedish friends, Milla, Moa, Jennika and I, Elin.

We became friends whilst on maternity leave and met for 'fika' at least once a week. We all loved baking (and eating cake) and wanted to spread the love for 'fika' in Bristol. With this in mind we set up Fika Bristol in 2011 and attended our first Christmas Market in December that year. We loved the market and speaking to all our lovely customers about 'fika'.

We continued to attend markets over the next couple of years and ran Fika Bristol as a hobby. When we returned to our different workplaces, after our maternity leave, we found that we didn't have enough time to attend markets together, instead, with support from my friends I made Fika Bristol my solo project. I began to deliver to cafes in Bristol and in 2020 I left my work within further education in order to give Fika Bristol my full attention.

My plan was to regularly attend the Tobacco Factory Market and continue to supply cafés. As for everyone, the years 2020-21 has not turned out as planned, but I am overwhelmed with the support for Fika Bristol during this difficult time. At the moment I am running Fika ma hobby along side my "proper job".

I love baking and sharing the love for 'fika' with Bristol which has been my home city for the past 15 years.


What is Fika? 

Fika is a Swedish word that translates as 'taking a break for coffee and a bite to eat'. But it means much more than that; it's a moment to relax and catch up with your family and laugh with your friends.

We Swedes consider fika an important part of our culture and it's well established in the workplace where fika breaks are a daily occurrence.  These breaks away from the desk, meeting with colleagues in a relaxed atmosphere can benefit a business productivity as well as contribute to a happy work place.

The original Fika Bristol team

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